Our Work

LOUDfence UK started as a kitchen table project by a lay activist in response to a local crisis in 2020. It started as a small act of compassion which has grown and spread from Cumbria right down to Lourdes and across to Rome. LOUDfence is an event where ribbons of all colours and styles are tied to railings, suspended wires, around trees and on internal displays as a visible act of solidarity which enables people to send and receive messages of care and support. The aim of LOUDfence is to give survivors, the entire church and wider society a voice. LOUDfence celebrates the act of openness and truth telling. This provides a direct counter challenge to any culture which seeks to hide in the silence. LOUDfence gives everyone the opportunity to talk openly about what is considered to be the ultimate taboo and it challenges common myths such as “talking about abuse is anti-clerical or anti church” and “everyone in the church cannot be trusted”.

If you would like to hold a LOUDfence we can help with preparations to ensure your LOUDfence is as successful as possible. All LOUDfences endorsed by us subscribe to our LOUDfence Charter of values and principles.